Sky Contact Number


0844 826 8012

Are You Looking For The Sky Contact Number?

Are you struggling to cancel your Sky service and need help?

Do you want to upgrade or downgrade your Sky package?

Is there a problem with one of your Sky services you wish to ask about?

Call the Sky Contact Number and a customer service adviser will be able to answers to all of these questions.

More About Sky And Its Services

Sky is a British television, broadband and telephone provider based in the United Kingdom. It was established in the early 1990s when a merger between British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television created a new business.

Their pay TV service is the most popular in the country with over 10 million subscribers. It allows you to view the newest television shows, latest sporting events and brand new movies. Their latest digiboxes allow you to pause live television, record shows to store on a hard drive and even set a TV show to save on the go via their mobile app.

Customers can also use Sky’s broadband and telephone packages. The former comes with either a capped data limit or an unlimited limit for a varying price. The latter allows you to choose weekend, unlimited or international calls.

Sky employs upwards of 24,000 people in the United Kingdom. It makes around £7 billion every year in revenues. The CEO of the company is currently Jeremy Barroch.

Why Might I Call Sky Contact Number?

  • Enquire about your payment or billing
  • Cancel your Sky services
  • Pay you bill over the phone
  • Ask for help from an engineer
  • Having a problem with Sky TV, broadband or telephone
  • Problems with the Sky Go service
  • The Sky app is not working
  • Make a complaint to Sky
  • Moving to a new address and want to keep Sky services
  • I cannot log in with my Sky ID