Sky Cancellation Phone Number

0844 826 8012

Sky Cancellation Phone Number


Are you going to switch to a new telephone provider?

Do you need an MAC code to move your broadband services?

The Sky Cancellation Phone Number is available to call if you want to cancel your Sky services and move to another provider.

More Information About Sky

Sky has been providing services to customers for almost 25 years now. The company was set up in November 1990 following a merger between British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television. Today, its most popular service is Sky TV — advertised with the tagline “believe in better” — which can be found in over 10 million homes across the UK and Ireland. Sky also provide telephone and broadband services to their customers too. The former, known as Sky Talk, comes in a variety of packages including weekend calls and international calls. The latter also has a few different bundles that customers can use such as a data capped broadband service or an unlimited one.

To cancel these services, you must call the Sky Cancellation Phone Number. An adviser will be able to listen to your complaints, offer some alternatives and advices, and if you still wish to cancel will process your request. You can also call the number if you plan to switch your broadband provider from Sky and need to get a Migration Authorisation Code to make the process quick and painless. This is often abbreviated to a a MAC code.

Reasons You Might Wish To Call The Sky Cancellation Phone Number:

  • Cancel your Sky TV, broadband or telephone packages
  • Ask for an MAC code to move your broadband to a new provider
  • Confirm your cancellation request made via e-mail
  • Discuss alternatives to cancelling with Sky
  • Describe why you wish to cancel your Sky services