Sky Broadband

skybroadbandpageThere are three types of broadband packages available to Sky customers.

The first is Sky Broadband Lite which allows for 2GB of monthly usage – a decent amount for those who generally only use the internet for emailing, shopping and moderate browsing. This packages comes free when you have a Sky TV bundle with telephone and line rental.

The second is Sky Broadband Unlimited which is slightly more expensive per month when you get a Sky TV bundle with telephone and line rental. This package has unlimited usage with no caps.

The third and most expensive broadband package you can take out with Sky is Fibre Unlimited. Customers who do not want to opt into a Sky TV bundle will have to settle on this option.

All of the broadband packages come with the Sky Hub. This is a wireless router that comes with an innovative low energy mode to reduce your electrical consumption as well as a Sky Smart Signal that scans for interference and selects the best possible channel for wireless connection.

Sky broadband customers will also receive technical support over the phone and online. You will get a trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite for a limited period of time too – but you will have to pay when the trial period is over.

Sky have recently teamed up with the United Kingdom’s other broadband providers in order to launch the Internet Matters campaign. This is an online, print, radio and television campaign in an attempt to raise awareness to child safety when using the internet. It will offer advice about how to browse search engines safely and information about the effects of internet misuse.

You can help protect your broadband from websites with harmful spyware and malware with Sky Broadband Shield. This services is included in the package for no extra cost if you are a Sky Broadband customer.