sky-complaintsHere are some of the questions customers commonly ask Sky, as well as their answers.

How do I set up Sky TV?

If you have just upgraded your Sky box to another model, you can set up your new device in a few steps. Switch off your existing set top box and then pull out the power cable as well as the SCART and HDMI cables that connect it to the TV. You should then unscrew and remove the satellite cables from the dish’s input port at the back of the Sky box. Next, unplug the telephone line from your Sky box and remove the viewing card. You will then follow the instructions provided to connect your new box to your television.

My Sky TV remote is not working – how do I fix it?

If you have already checked to make sure your batteries don’t need replacing and it is set to the correct mode, you may be experiencing a problem with your Sky TV remote may be experiencing a problem. You can reset it by pressing and holding the ‘select’ button for 30 seconds once the batteries are removed. Replace the batteries once this is done and press the ‘sky’ button. If this still hasn’t fixed the issue, you can order a new one or speak to a Sky customer service adviser.

How do I switch to Sky broadband?

You can switch to Sky broadband from BT, TalkTalk, PlusNet, Virgin Media and many more providers. Sky have a dedicated Switch Squad whose job is to make this process as painless for customers as possible. They will arrange the installation of a phone line for you, or turn on one that is currently inactive. You may need to contact your existing provider for a Migration Authorisation Code when you place an order with Sky. Sky, however, will cancel your service with a provider for you — unless it’s with Virgin Broadband which customers must do themselves.

My Sky telephone is having problems – what should I do?

If you are not receiving phone calls or are having trouble making them, there may be an issue with your local telephone network. You can visit Sky’s service status page to find out if this is the case. If not, you should check to see if there is a dial tone or not. No dial tone means that a phone might have been pulled from the socket or damaged. You might want to unplug and re-plug all the equipment connected to the phone line to attempt to fix the issue. If you still can’t use the phone, call a Sky customer service adviser.

I’m moving home and want to retain my Sky services – what do I need to know?

You can organise a Sky Home Move by calling Sky. You will need to book the service at least 90 days in advance.

Having a Sky engineer set up Sky TV at a new address will require a small one off payment that covers the installation of your dish and box, running cables inside and outside your home, and connecting the boxes to a standard master phone socket. Your Sky TV should work as soon as this is complete. You will need to make your remote controls and viewing cars in order for everything to work.

You can also move your telephone and broadband services over to a new home. You will not be able to take an existing phone number with you though, and the broadband speed you were receiving at your old address may not necessarily be the same. A Sky advisor will be able to estimate the speed at a new property.

You will not be able to move home with Sky services if you have any overdue payments on your account.