Sky Atlantic To Broadcast The Unknown Known

The-Unknown-KnownSky Atlantic have scheduled the new Errol Morris documentary The Unknown Known to show on the channel this week. It will broadcast on Tuesday night at 9pm.

The film is the latest in a series of documentaries created by the American filmmaker in which he interviews a famous political figure. The most famous documentary he has made was the Oscar winning The Fog Of War in which he grilled the former US Secretary Of Defence Robert S. McNamara who played an integral part in waging the Vietnam War.

The film is famous because Errol Morris, who is renowned for his hardened interviewing style, managed to extract a lot of information from Mr. McNamara that he had not previously divulged before. He even admitted to feeling like he was responsible for war crimes in killing 100,000 civilians during a firebombing of Tokyo as a young officer.

The Unknown Known follows the same format, but this time he will interview the controversial Secretary Of Defence Donald Rumsfeld who served in the Bush administration. It will see Errol Morris question him about the Iraq War, September 11th and much more.

Errol Morris has developed relationships with many of the subjects of his interviews including Joyce McKinney – a former American beauty queen he interviewed for Tabloid who was arrested in the 1970s for abduction – and convicted murder David Harris who was arrested after his interview with Morris revealed new information about a killing in his film The Thin Blue Line.

However, Errol Morris says Donald Rumsfeld was a different case on The Unknown Known. “I don’t want to say I don’t like him,” Morris said. “I feel guilty. He gave me so much of his time. He could be unbelievably charming. But the policies really are a stumbling block for me. I did not like them to start with; I like them less now.”

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