Sky Agrees To Clafity Cancellation Procedure

sky-cancellationAfter a series of critical articles published by The Telegraph newspaper, Sky has confirmed it has amended the wording on its website in order to make their cancellation policy more clear. It follows an enormous amount of people complaining about poor treatment by customer service staff when they try and terminate their services with the company. Sky will also change the wording on its paper contracts this summer.

The company has widely been regarded as one of the most awkward when it comes to cancellation. Dozens of letters and emails were received by The Telegraph when they first covered the company’s cancellation policies. Some claimed they were pressured by debt collectors while they unsuccessfully attempted to cancel Sky’s services. Others said it took more than six months for them to comply.

The director of customers services at the company, Chris Stylianou, said: “When the Telegraph first highlighted the issue, we listened and recognised the need to be clearer about the process and make it a big priority.”

He continued that while it is vital to speak to customers on the phone to verify the cancellation, thus ensuring there is sufficient proof of identification, this had not been well-communicated to their customers. It was never stated in Sky’s contracts, which many felt were misleading. Meanwhile, under the website’s hard-to-find cancellation section, it only stipulated an email option without mentioning the need for a phone call.

Sky were also criticised for their handing of direct debit cancellations. Customers who had mistakenly written to the company to cease direct debit payments often found that they went unconfirmed for months. Sky would threaten legal action and pressure customers with bailiffs, despite the customers not knowing their requests had not been processed.

The website now reads: “Please note, we won’t be able to cancel Sky services unless we’re able to verify your request over the phone.”

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