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0844 826 8012

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About Sky

Sky is a British satellite broadcasting, television and telephone company. Sky has a range of products and services but is perhaps most famous for its subscription TV service. When you have Sky TV, you can choose a package tailored to your viewing needs. For example, if you like to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, you can purchase the Sky entertainment package. Plus, you never have to miss your favourite show, be it Eastenders or Downton Abbey with the revolutionary Sky+ service, allowing you to watch when you want and record programmes you might miss. You can also watch Sky on the move on your mobile with Sky Go. If you like to have your TV, broadband and telephone line all in one package, Sky can do this for you. With all of these services, it is no wonder that Sky is present in over 11 million homes. Sky also has a dedicated customer service team, ready to help you over the phone, online via live chat or by email, whichever is most convenient for you.

Here are some reasons why you may call Sky Customer Service:

  • To report a problem with your TV box.
  • To cancel your subscription.
  • To pay your bill.
  • To change your account details.
  • To track an order you have placed.
  • To report an issue with your broadband.
  • To upgrade your subscription.
  • To make a complaint about a Sky service.
  • To tell Sky you’re moving houses.
  • To report an issue with Sky Go.
  • To get help logging in using your Sky ID.